How Good Is Your Pitching?

As any golfer knows, having a sharp wedge game can save you shots in all sorts of situations; birdies on the short par 4s and par 5s; not to mention par saves if you get yourself out of position.


So how good is your wedge game?

Just click on the image to see how to set up the test

We've designed a really simple test to let you see how it compares with other players around the County (not to mention the odd dinosaur!); just click on the image to see how it works, and to pick up a scorecard.


Over the next couple of months we'll be asking many of our Juniors to do the test at a County coaching session, but that shouldn't stop anybody else having a go in the meantime; it's a brilliant way to practice, and worth investing in a few cones to let you set it up in no time at all (every golfer should have some).


As the scores come in we'll update an Order of Merit on this page based on everybody's personal best score (supervised scores only of course!).


Golf is a game of many skills, and we're confident that this test will provide an excellent view of who's best at pitching the ball from distances between 30 and 100 yards.


We're equally confident that it will throw up a few surprises too.

The Perfect Pitchers

Pos Player Home Club PB Set Total Points Scored
1 Chris Wood Long Ashton May 2017 97
2 Mitch Waite Filton Dec 2016 91
3 Noah Hessey Long Ashton Jan 2017 78
4 Dave Hares Bristol & Clifton Aug 2017 77
5 David Miles Knowle Aug 2017 74

How far up the leaderboard will your name be?

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