Paul Tough - The Grit Factor

Paul Tough is a Canadian-American writer and broadcaster, and in 2013 published a best selling book entitled, "How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity and the Hidden Power of Character".

Thinking that the principles outlined in the book could be relevant to golf, the editors of Golf Digest magazine have been working with Tough over the last year to develop a grit-based golf program.

In this video Tough outlines the importance of having a teacher or mentor who can provide a player with the correct encouragement to help them achieve their long term goals, and also to develop the "grit" required to get there.

Much of Tough's thinking overlaps with that of Daniel Coyle and Carol Dweck who have each carried out a huge amount of research into skills development over recent years.

The 7 Keys To Becoming A Gritty Golfer

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