Jonny Wilkinson - You Play The Way You Train

Jonny Wilkinson is widely acknowledged as being one of the best and most dedicated rugby players of the professional era.

Having starred in England's World Cup Winning Team in 2003, he battled back from a number of career threatening injuries to take his career in a different but equally successful direction with Toulon in France. So what was the secret of his success ?

In this video Jonny gives us a tiny glimpse of the meticulous preparation for which he was renowned. The broad theme being that if you spend 90% of your time training for the big match, and you do that with a total focus on excellence, then why wouldn't you expect to play well when the match comes ?

The clip contains so many great quotes that illustrate why the very best performers reach the top in their field, whether that's sport or anything else. Why not write a few of them down and see if you can emulate them in your training.
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