Ben Hunt-Davis - Will It Make The Boat Go Faster

"Will It Make The Boat Go Faster" is a book written by Harriet Beveridge and Ben Hunt-Davis.


Ben won a Gold Medal for Great Britain at the 2000 Sydney Olympics in the Mens Rowing Eight, and in this book he describes the strategies that the team used to get the very best out of their preparation during the long build up to the Games.


Quite simply, every decision that they made with regard to their training programme was tested against the simple question, "Will It Make The Boat Go Faster ?". If it would, then why wouldn't they do it ? If it wouldn't, then why bother doing it ?


These principles can be applied to any aspect of life where improvement is required. In the world of golf, then it's a question of "Will It Make The Score Go Lower ?" - if it will, then do it, if not, then find something else that will.

This all sounds very obvious I know, but how often do we really test eveything that we do on this basis. Are we just going down to the range to hit a few balls, to make ourselves feel good that we can still hit it 280 off the tee and have the local members gasp in awe ? But is it making our score go lower ?

When we tinker with our swings, do we know exactly why we're doing it, and are we sure that it will make our score go lower ? Maybe we are, but how are we measuring that ......... we, as both players and coaches, really set enough time aside to develop a robust plan to make our score go lower ? I know that I could do more, what about you ? An awful lot of players spend an awful lot of time and energy standing still in the game....believe me, I know !!

The book is divided into 11 chapters, each of which is split into 2 halves. Firstly, Ben provides a narrative, recounting an episode from the eight`s journey to Gold, and shows the team using the methods in action. Then comes the analysis, explaining why and how the crew did what they did.

I would be amazed if reading this book didn't give you some alternative ways to go about your coaching and practice.

David Hares
GGU Coaching Chairman

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