12 Mar - 1st Team vs 2nd Team

Gary Ward (Vice Captain), Tony Davis (President) and Paul Garland (County Captain)

The annual 'friendly' match between the 1st Team and 2nd Team took place again this year at Landown Golf Club.


The match provides an excellent opportunity for those challenging for 1st Team places to show off their skills, and the 2nd Team players didn't disappoint in a closely fought match; the 1st Team ultimately coming out on top by 3.5 games to 1.5.


Gary Ward, the newly installed County Vice- Captain, said, "In all fairness it was a pretty close result, and the match could have gone either way with 3 games going down the 18th.


Not a bad result at all against a very strong 1st team, which really shows that we have some good depth coming up behind them. I'm really looking forward to seeing our lads develop over the coming months. If they can do that then there will be even more competition for 1st Team places."

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