10 Dec - County Coaching in 2018

Jack Cope - from the County Academy to England Boys

The selection process for the 2018 County Coaching Programme is now complete, and information about our broad approach to coaching, together with the detail of each squad can be found here.


As always, the selection process was far from straighforward, particularly given the change we decided to make this year with respect to our Under 18 programme.


We are pleased with the outcome however, and look forward to a successful and enjoyable year in which everybody works as hard as they can to support the players in achieving their aspirations.


To those who weren't selected on this occasion, we thank you for applying, and can re-assure you that the door to becoming a Gloucestershire player is always open. To get yourself noticed, you should play as much competitive golf as you can, particularly in the County Ranking events, and take every opportunity you can to play with better players (that advice goes to those who were selected too).


To those who were selected, we congratulate you. Please remember though that you that you are in a very privileged position that is being financed by every member of every golf club in Gloucestershire; so please give it the respect that it deserves by committing yourself to a programme of improvement, helping the coaches to help you.

The Aim of the Coaching Programme

As in previous years, the aim of our programme will be to provide an environment in which players can develop from a very young age to become established 1st Team players by the age of 21. Helping them to step up to the next level, year on year.

The vast majority of players who are successful at Men’s 1st Team level have an average score to CSS (ATC) that is better than 2.0; to compete effectively at National level this needs to be around 0.0.

Over the last few years the number of GGU players achieving this level of play has steadily increased. There are currently fourteen GGU qualified players with an ATC that is less than 2.0, the vast majority of whom have benefitted from GGU and England Golf coaching programmes.

Whilst this improvement is encouraging, we are always looking for ways to make the programme even better, so with that in mind, there will be a number of changes to the Under 18 programme next year.  These changes are summarised below, along with the key features of the rest of the programme for each age group.

Coaching in 2018 - Key Features

Age Group Key Features

Under 14

(no change to 2017)

  • Two squads, each including a maximum of eight players
  • Players grouped together largely by current playing standard (age also a factor)
  • Series of group coaching/training sessions throughout the year
  • The equivalent of eight full days coaching/training
  • Emphasis on developing the broad range of skills required to develop your game to a high level in the future

Under 18


(significant change from 2017)

  • Three squads, each including a maximum of six players
  • Players grouped together by current playing standard rather than geographic location
  • The equivalent of fourteen full days coaching/training
  • Coaching programme in two phases
    • Pre-season (until end of March) – developing the skills required to perform
    • The Playing Season (April – Sept) – support for performance at County Ranking events
  • Players will only be invited to take part in ‘The Playing Season’ if they show the required level of commitment to the pre-season phase
  • Each squad to have two 'focus' events during the spring and late summer (the specific events selected will depend on the playing standard and age of the squad)
  • Two days in the year when we will get all three squads together for ‘skills days’ – one at the programme kick off in January, and another in late Spring / early Summer
  • Summer programme to include an ‘away day’ at an elite event (professional or leading amateur)
  • Summer programme to include individual planning and review sessions with each player
  • Support at the key South West Regional Championships (Under 16/14 on 1st June and Under 18 on 12th July)



(no changes from 2017; also includes players involved in England Golf Coaching Programmes)

  • Funding for individual coaching arrangements
  • Level of funding dependant on age and current playing level
  • Opportunities for some players to work with top class professional players
  • Performance analysis
  • Regular review/reports on development
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