National Coaching Squad

Players in the National Squad are those who have been selected by England Golf to be a participant in one of their own coaching programmes. Players may be a member of one of the following squads:-

  • The England Squad
  • The England 'A' Squad
  • The England Boys Squad
  • The England Under 16 Squad (South West)
  • The England AASE Programme (Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence)

Each players coaching programme is managed by the England Golf Coaching Team, and the players take little or no part in County Squad Coaching activities.


We may however provide financial assistance to players in these squads to maximise the opportunity for them to progress, and fulfil their golfing aspirations. These awards are decided upon on a case by case basis in consultation with the England Golf Management Team.

The Players

For 2018, National Squad membership is as follows:-

  • Nathan Moore (Long Ashton) - The England AASE Programme
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