Men's Coaching Squad

The County may provide financial support for players who are either currently representing us, or thought capable of representing us at Men's level.

Typically, this is for players who average 4.0 or less in the County Stroke Average tables, though exceptions to that can be made for players under the age of 20.The level and nature of that support is agreed on a case-by-case basis.

Players in the Men's squad will typically meet the following criteria:-

  • Must be a current 1st Team Player, or regarded as being a potential 1st Team Player within two to three years
  • Must have demonstrated previous commitment to County Organised Coaching and/or made significant use of Individual Coaching Allowances
  • Where National Commitments allow, must have demonstrated consistent commitment to County Team Matches at any level, as well as events that are included within the County Stroke Average tables.
  • Must have the drive, determination and time to be considered capable of breaking into the Top 100 of the EGU Mens Order of Merit within two to three years.

In summary, any player wishing to be a part of this squad must be fully committed to both Gloucestershire as a team, and to their own improvement programme.

The Players

The Men's Squad for 2018 is:-

  • Kieran Babbage - The Players Club
  • Matthew Bell - Lilley Brook
  • Jack Cope - The Players Club
  • Nick Day - Henbury
  • Jake Harvey - Thornbury
  • Joe Harvey - The Kendleshire
  • Noah Hessey - Long Ashton
  • Alex Ireland - Brickhampton Court
  • Joe Long - Lansdown
  • Harrison Ottley-Woodd - Cotswold Hills
  • Daniel Sheehan - Knowle
  • Mitchell Waite - Filton
  • Tom Workman - Stinchcombe Hill
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