Our Coaching Squads and Approach

For all players under the age of 18, the County Coaching Programme is organised around a number of squads, each of which is led by a Squad Performance Coach, and managed from an administration perspective by a Squad Manager.


Each of our Squad Performance Coaches is shown in the diagram below, which also illustrates the typical age boundaries that apply to players in their respective squads.


Players over the age of 18 have their own individual coaching arragements.

Whilst age is an important factor in determining the squad to which a player is allocated, it is not the only one. We also consider the other factors listed below, each of which may have an influence on our final decision:-

  • Playing standard - what level is the player currently achieving in ranking events (typically over the last 12 months)?
  • Relationship - does the player already have a well established relationship with the coach?
  • Geographical Location - where does the player live, and how easy is it for them to travel?

The County Coaching Squads are selected at the end of each playing season following an open application process. To be selected a player must have demonstrated a previous commitment to playing in a significant number of the events that contribute towards the County Stroke Average Tables, and if already in the Coaching Programme, must have impressed their coach with their attitude and application.

Throughout the year we continually monitor the suitability of other players for inclusion in our squads, particularly those for the younger age groups. This is done by reviewing participation and results in ranking events, as well as the attitude and application of players who have been selected for the County Academy Coaching Programme which is operated by the Gloucestershire County Golf Partnership.

More detail about each of our squads can be found via the links on the left hand navigation.

Coaching Squad Structure

The Squad Manager and Squad Performance Coach are responsible for delivering all activities for the players in each squad, and are required to take the individual needs of each player into account in delivering the programme.

County coaching takes place throughout the calendar year, and aims to develop all of the skills required to allow a player to play to their potential in ranking events.

Coaching Approach

Whilst the content of the Coaching Programme in each squad is decided upon by the Squad Manager and Squad Performance Coach, the broad approach applied is as illustrated below.

Players in every squad are treated as individuals, each of whom may have differing needs. Their performance and commitment over time are monitored by the Squad Performance Coach, and every player selected is given ample opportunity to develop their skills, provided they commit to the programme as required.

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