First 4 Golf Tour - 2017

Following on from last year's successful programme where we had 63 children from 14 different clubs take part, the First 4 Golf initiative will be running monthly competitions between April to October 2017.

The events will all be held on the par 3 course at Thornbury Golf Club and tee off times will start from 1.00pm.

The competitions are intended for children who either have a Club handicap (29 – 54 for boys and 37 – 54 for girls) or do not have a handicap at all.

These competitions are not really for outright beginners and the children should be able to play a short par 3 hole in 7 or 8 shots or less.

Children must be under 12 years of age on the 1 January 2017. There is no minimum age limit; however parents should ensure that their children are competent to play the par 3 course without an adult carrying their clubs!
Each competition day will offer:
  • Access to the Driving Range, although this is now on an individual pay to use basis.
  • An 18 hole competition for children with club handicaps (29 - 54 (boys) and 37 - 54 (girls)). The children will compete over the full 18 holes of the par 3 course and this will be both a gross and a nett competition.
  • A 9 hole competition for children with no handicap. The children will compete over the front 9 holes of the par 3 course and this will be a stroke play competition. There are three divisions - 10 - 11 year olds, 8 - 9 year olds, 7 and unders. As well as prizes for the various competition winners, each competitor will be presented with a certificate and at least one golf ball.
2017 Competition Dates:
  • Sunday 30th April
  • Saturday 13th May
  • Sunday 18th June
  • Saturday 8th July
  • Sunday 27th August
  • Sunday 24th September
For more information contact Dave Owen – 07734 419664 or
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