Gloucestershire County Golf

We are passionate about supporting golf in Gloucestershire !! We aim to create an environment in which enthusiastic golfers can compete against others, enjoy their golf and improve it.

Gloucestershire Golf is organised into four primary areas:-
  • Men's Teams - led by the County Captain, Paul Garland
  • Junior Teams - led by the Junior Representative, Mark Powell
  • Coaching - led by the Coaching Chairman, David Hares
  • Championships - led by the Championship Chairman, Deryck Buttler

Each of these individuals is accountable to the Executive Committee for all aspects of their work.

There is a great deal of collaboration between the four areas to ensure that golf in the County runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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To understand where Teams (Men's and Juniors), Coaching and Championships fit into the broader work of the Gloucestershire Golf Union then please click here.

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